About Us

At Marqueed we have a simple goal: To aid the creative process by simplifying the sharing and discussion of images.

We love creating and talking about pictures, and frequently need to share our ideas and collect feedback from others. As visual artists we’ve often felt the absence of a tool that allowed us to do this effectively and easily, so we decided to develop one ourselves.

Marqueed is a simple and intuitive online app that allows users to share & communicate about images securely. It allows people to easily “point” at a part of the picture while talking about it & keeps all discussion organized for you. With super-simple sharing thrown in, Marqueed saves you time and increases productivity.

Marqueed meets the needs of a wide range of users. You could be sharing decoration ideas for your home with a family member or roommate, collaborating with colleagues on the design of a website, or editing and retouching a photograph with your clients… the possibilities are endless!